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WIDE is dedicated to a diverse set of ongoing projects.

Archive As I See It

Description: Creating and usability testing of archiving tools for internet-based research. Sponsored by the NEH.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Liza Potts

Project Manager: Victor del Hierro

Constellations: A Cultural Rhetorics Publishing Space

Description: Researching current digital peer review publication models and developing an open peer review and mentoring platform.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Bill Hart-Davidson

Project Manager: Victor del Hierro

Digital Literacies Textbook

Description: Researching digital literacies for undergraduates and creating a digital, interactive textbook for freshmen at MSU.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Liza Potts

Project Manager: Lauren Brentnell

Distance Learning and Online Education

Lead WIDE Researcher: Casey McArdle

Description: Studying distance and learning in online courses in relation to student engagement and grades in the course.

Experience Mapping

Description: Researching methods and approaches for experience mapping to account for users across cultural contexts and social identities.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Ben Lauren

Project Managers: Minh-Tam Nguyen, Heather Noel Turner


Description: Faciloscope is a web-based, machine-learning application that performs rhetorical analysis and visualizes findings based on natural language text submissions on the fly. 

Lead WIDE Researcher: Bill Hart-Davidson

Project Manager: Minh-Tam Nguyen

Feminist Leadership, Mentoring, and Communication

Description: This project focuses on understanding the ethos, structures, processes, procedures, and materials for organizations built by women primarily for women. We partner with organizations such as Ladies that UX, 221B Con, and Women in Technical Communication.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Liza Potts

Ianto Archive

Description: Creating a publicly accessible visual archive of participatory fan practices at Ianto.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Liza Potts

Project Manager: Melissa Beattie, Kristen Mapes, Heather Noel Turner

Ladies that UX

Description: Research to help the organization learn how to better communicate their mission internally to the group and externally to the UX community.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Liza Potts

Project Manager: Lauren Brentnell

Our Michigan Avenue

Description: Researching ideas to improve Michigan Avenue and highlighting businesses along the corridor.

Lead WIDE Researcher: John Monberg

Project Manager: Lauren Brentnell

Participatory Memory Digital Book Project

Description: Brainstorming, researching, designing, developing, and implementing a full-scale digital book project with text, video, images, audio, and interactions.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Liza Potts

Project Manager: Kristen Mapes

Participatory Storytelling and Social Justice in RPGs

Description: Exploring participatory storytelling related to roleplaying games and experiences of the past through RPGs; creating ethical experiences through gaming and design framework.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Kate Fedewa


Description: Sustaining, maintaining, and improving one of the leading websites for Sherlock Holmes.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Liza Potts

Project Manager: Victor del Hierro

Student Athletes and Twitter Practices

Description: Learning how student athletes communicate on Twitter, the kinds of mentorship we can provide, and the issues of trolling/flaming/harassment.

Lead WIDE Researcher: Jeff Grabill, Liza Potts, Erik Skogsberg

Project Manager: Heather Noel Turner