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Our research is focused on innovating Social Media and Emerging Technologies, including computational analytics, new uses of social media to solve social, cultural, and political problems, and the need to create new forms of public engagement and democratic practice on a global scale. We work with partners across the university and around the world. 

The following are our current areas of focus:


Circulating Knowledge

This area focuses on the ways in which people circulate knowledge across digital spaces. Research includes work on computational rhetoric, disaster communication, and public science.

Area Leaders: Bill Hart-Davidson, Liza Potts

Digital Archiving and Preservation

Our researchers are focused on several digital archiving projects, building multimedia websites and software to preserve communities and cultures.

Area Leader: Liza Potts

Healthcare Patient Experiences

Our interdisciplinary teams focus on healthcare experiences from the perspective of patients. We work with hospitals, doctors, administrators, and policy makers to understand and improve these experiences.

Area Leaders: Bill Hart-Davidson, Dawn Opel

Leadership and Communication

Across WIDE, we are working on several projects to understand and support leadership communities. Much of this work focuses on project management, women-led organizations (such as Ladies that UX), and service design projects.

Area Leaders: Liza Potts, Ben Lauren

Participatory Memory

This research group examines the ways in which people participate in memory-making activities across digital and public spaces.

Area Leaders: Liza Potts, Kate Fedewa

Writing Assessment and Building Digital Learning Tools

WIDE was established around a strong vision for doing writing assessment. That work continues today through our projects on ELI and assessment throughout Michigan.

Area Leaders: Jeff Grabill, Bill Hart-Davidson, Casey McArdle